The Church of the Sepulcher stands wide and tall over the Great Channel, triumphant and unconquered by its many enemies. After a decades-long struggle in for the freedom and independence from a cruel and dangerous monarchy, Koletya looks to be its newest experiment. Now the Kolet government works in a tenuous dance with the Church as the Inquisition helps ensure the religious obedience of its new subjects and hunts the witches that commit crimes on Kolet land. Sworn to the Saints and married to the Church, the Inquisitors are a feared and respected few.

Ana Metremte is one such Inquisitor – or a witch-hunter, to most. A representative and right hand to the Church of the Sepulcher, and a faithful servant of the Saints and of the Godhead. Still, she has her secrets – and when she has a fateful encounter with a witch, all of what she’s built unravels. Meanwhile, her partner is saddled with her own horrific duties and obligations as she begins to investigate the grander plans afoot in an aching, bloodied country.

Heresiarch is an ongoing web serial with a focus on horror, action, romance and the occasional theological debate, set in a fantasy world. A fair warning: due to the nature of Heresiarch, it will contain mature themes such as violence, swearing, sexuality and the use of tobacco products. A more comprehensive list of triggers and content may be found in the FAQ, but as always, reader discretion is advised. Heresiarch should update around every Sunday, and sometimes on Wednesdays.

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This web serial does not promote the use of tobacco.