Question: Is this real?

No, this is a work of fiction, if you were not already aware. Any resemblance to real organizations or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The world of Heresiarch is indeed intended to mirror our own in some ways, but only as far as imagination will take us; none of it is true.

Question: How long will Heresiarch run?

Until I am satisfied that it is finished.

Question: I’m still worried about the content that can be found in Heresiarch, and I’m really not worried about spoilers. Could you give me a comprehensive list?

Certainly! Heresiarch contains: death, violence against minors, various weapons including guns, swords, clubs, blades, etc., mentions and discussion of hanging, mentions and discussion of decapitation, mentions and discussion of execution by gunshot, supernatural themes, abusive relationships, cannibalism, the death and eating of dogs (off-screen death; relatively on-screen eating), birth by Caesarean section, disembowelment, arthropods (including flies, locusts, ticks, centipedes and lobsters), self-harm and self-flagellation, nightmares, religion, scenes of intense violence (including execution by gunshot, gouging of eyes, stabbing, strangling, torture, etc.), discussion of rape in a legal context, couple’s arguments, theological arguments, rampant homosexuality, positive portrayals of transgender people, paganism, revolution, devil-worship, the occult, poverty, squalor and disaster on a personal and societal level.

(This list will be updated on occasion as need arises.)